Sore butt

Even with a “comfort” saddle, after my first few rides on my new bike I’ve got a bit of a sore butt. Granted, it’s not half as sore as it would be had I ridden on a regular narrow saddle, but I experienced a bit of “backside discomfort” on both of my brief rides today. I saw an article last night on the Bicycling Life Web site titled, “Ouch! My Butt Hurts!” I’m probably a long way from trying to squeeze my behind into a pair of Lycra cycling pants, but the author has good reasons for recommending them, among many other helpful tips for alleviating the problem of a sore rump.

One very practical bit of advice offered in the piece is simply to stand up from time to time. If you’re a big person like me, spending too much time sitting on almost any kind of chair can result in a sore fanny, and when you’re biking, your body weight isn’t distributed over as wide a surface as when you’re seated in a chair, so more pressure will be applied to a smaller portion of your posterior. This can reduce blood flow, cause bruising of the tissues between the saddle and the parts of your pelvis that the author calls the “sit bones.” I do this fairly frequently anyway–especially when I’m coasting, and it helps.

There are other practical tips in the article, and there is plenty of useful information at the Bicycling Life site.


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