Windy afternoon ride

I took a short, windy ride this afternoon, about 3.4 miles round trip.  Even the gentle inclines were painful for my legs in the first half of the ride, but after the first couple of miles, my legs felt (literally) warmed up, and I felt stronger the longer I went.  My backside didn’t hurt as much today, but then again, it was only about a 30-minute ride, so I’m not sure that’s an indication of anything.

It was overcast, and seemed like it could rain at any time, but that made for a very pleasant, cool riding experience.  My thinking is that if I can extend my riding time by a few minutes each day, at some point I’ll get to the place where I’ve reached a pace that I can keep up for two or three hours.  At that point, I think I’ll be ready for a longer ride out on a quiet country blacktop somewhere.  But first I’ve got to get enough strength and stamina in my legs to be able to climb gentle hills without struggling.  It probably goes without saying that dropping some pounds along the way will help with that effort.


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