6.5 miles today

Understand that for a fat guy, a 6.5 miles bike ride is a pretty big deal. At about 295 pounds, I figure it takes me a great deal more effort to move my person from here to a point over six miles away than it takes someone of normal stature.

With every ride I’ve taken, there has been a fair amount of muscle pain (fat, sedentary muscles working out the lactic acid, I suppose), but even after just a few days of riding, I’m noticing this a little less.  Today it was my butt, not my legs, that was the limiting factor in terms of my time on the bike.  I rode about 45-50 minutes, including stops at traffic lights and a stop for a brief phone call, which suggests that my pace was not only slow, but at times, glacial.  But I’m not really embarrassed by that–if you saw me, you might wonder how I was able to go even that fast.  My assumption is that over time, my legs will get stronger and I’ll develop more stamina, and I’ll be able to ride a faster pace, but with this bike, there are going to be limitations–it’s not a particularly fast bike.  And let’s face it–I’ve got a lot of weight to move out there.

The important thing is that I’m out there, riding, moving my legs, getting winded, getting my heart rate up, burning calories, breathing fresh air, taking steps to make myself healthier and stronger each time I go.

Anyway, I did it, and I had a good time.

One of my riding goals is to get to the kind of condition that will permit me to make longer rides.  It’s about 18 miles to the lake that I fish at most often, and much of that route is relatively flat.  As a high-school student, I rode that route several times (round trip 38-40 miles (I lived somewhat further away from the lake back then).  I would love to be able to make that ride without a lot of trouble.  I’m not sure how smart it is to take a “comfort bike” out on a longer ride like that, but I hope to give it a try someday.


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