I probably shouldn’t have Googled “fat, biking”

One of the first things I did after getting my new bike was Google around a bit for anything I could find having to do with being a fat bicyclist.  I quickly found the Fat Cyclist blog, which was great until I realized that the Fat Cyclist was a guy who only had 30 pounds to lose, and who weighed more than a hundred pounds less than me to begin with (the fact that he’s only 5′ 8″, and I’m 6′ 0″ tall doesn’t really help even things out at all).  Which is not to say that it’s not a great site–it is–and one day I hope to be able to ride like the Fat Cyclist.  But it didn’t really help me feel less alone in my situation.

That said, I suppose that it is my hope that perhaps someone else whose situation parallels mine might stumble on this blog and take some comfort in the fact that there is another “real” fatty out there who has taken on biking as a way to turn things around.  If you’re that person, leave a comment–it would be nice to know that there are others like me out there.

I’m enjoying reading The Fat Cyclist blog, anyway–Elden, the Fat Cyclist, writes with a lot of wit and humor, and he helps me imagine what biking could be for me again, someday, if I am able to stick with it.

Here’s something that puts my quest into perspective: yesterday my wife (not a fat cyclist) rode farther than I have ridden in six days.  And today, while reading the Fat Cyclist blog, I found out about the Up in Alaska blog, written by Jill (not a fat cyclist).  She’s keeping track of her mileage, as am I, but while I’ve ridden just over 20 miles in my first week back to cycling, in the same week, Jill logged 217 miles in five rides.  In Alaska.  On mountainous trails.  Sheesh.

Lord help me–I’ve got a long way to go.


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