Since we live on top of what amounts to a very large, broad hill, most of the places we would want to go in our fair city are downhill from our home. I’ve been trying to keep on level routes around the neighborhood, mostly, but today I rode with my wife downtown, a round trip of about 7 miles that included what was, for me, the steepest climb I’ve done since I bought this bike. The trip toward downtown is pretty much all downhill, and the trip back is pretty much all uphill.

Yes, I had to stop about two-thirds of the way through the climb, to rest my legs, but after that, I did okay. What’s sort of cool for me about this modest little trip is that it’s the first time I’ve used my bike essentially for transportation—our downtown leg involved a stop at the bike shop and another at a bookstore, and the return trip involved a stop at the grocery store. We didn’t burn any of that $3.65/gallon gas on this particular trip today, and that was cool.

Here’s a photo of me with my bike—I hope it will serve as a sort of “before” photo, and that in a year’s time I’ll be able to post one in which I look a good deal thinner.


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