First major goal reached!

Yesterday afternoon, after a bit of a Sunday afternoon nap, my wife and I decided to go for a ride, and ended up riding out to the north end of the dam at the local reservoir, a round trip of nearly 15 miles. Only one stretch of fairly steep hill kicked my butt—I had to walk my bike about the equivalent of two blocks. This trip was my goal for May, and I accomplished it with nearly a week to spare.  (Although, I have to admit, I was pretty much out of gas by the end of the ride.)

It was the longest ride I’ve taken since I got the bike three weeks ago, along with a couple of other short rides I’ve done in recent days, it brings my total mileage for the month up to over 87 miles.  More than I expected to do this soon, and that’s pretty cool for Fatty McButterpants here.

Speaking of which, I went to see my doctor last Friday, to discuss my test results, and among other things, learned that I had lost nine pounds already, since I started the diet he suggested about 11 days earlier.  It helps me to put that kind of weight into perspective by imagining the equivalent weight in 3-pound cans of Crisco—I have now dropped a stack of three of ’em.  Cool.


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