Back on the bike, finally

We vacationed in southern Colorado last week (in the San Isabel National Forest), so I hadn’t biked for more than a week until this evening. But we hiked almost every day, most of the hikes lasting two or three hours or more, and I got plenty of exercise.

I felt stronger and had more stamina on this trip to the mountains than any of the previous trips over the last 20 years or so, and I am quite sure this is because I’ve been biking so much over the past month or so (plus, I’ve been losing a few pounds since I started eating more healthily after my visit to the doctor).

Anyway, tonight my wife and I took a short ride to ease back into biking—about three miles to the university campus and back. My legs, still a little sore from all the hiking last week, burned just a little for the first ten minutes or so, but the rest of the ride felt great. Some of the uphill sections of the route just seemed easier to manage this time, although it’s going to take a few more rides to get my butt used to the saddle again.


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