Lots o’ miles lately

Since coming home from vacation, it seems we’ve had a lot of rainy days here, but in the last week or so, my wife and I have managed to get some good rides in. Last Friday, we rode downtown so I could take my bike in for its free 30-riding-days tune-up (a nice service provided by my local bike shop, Sunflower Outdoor and Bike). After goofing around downtown for an hour or so, we decided to ride out to our daughter’s place of summer employment, located in a business park out past the east edge of town. We figured the round-trip distance to be somewhere around 17 miles. I was pretty much spent after the ride–I suspect I just hadn’t eaten enough prior to the ride, and I just started running out of gas. But it was a pleasant ride, and much of the middle part was on paved country roads that were pretty much flat. There were two stretches of hills that I had to walk part of, but I’ve decided that there is no shame in walking your bike up a hill that is too steep for your ability. One way or another, you’ve got to get up that hill, and the way I figure it, you do the same amount of work moving your body and your bike up the hill, whether you pedal it or push it.

The following day we decided to ride downtown again to check out a big downtown expo that was set up in association with an Iron Man 70.3 competition that took place on Sunday morning. We also happened on a farmer’s market that was just wrapping up (we love this city), then decided to ride out to Dunkin’ Donuts, in the south part of town, to buy some coffee beans. (We like the DD coffee, and it’s a fair trade product, and reasonably priced. We like to grind our own.) Not too long ago, a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts automatically meant that I was going to buy a donut…well, okay, usually not just one, but at least two. This time, I sat outside while my wife went in to get the coffee, and had an apple from my backpack. I realized this was a momentous occasion, and a huge hurdle in my pursuit of a new, healthy lifestyle, so I had her take my picture on my phone. The round trip for the day was about 11 miles.

This morning we had an appointment on the west side of town, so we rode our bikes there, about a 30-minute ride, after which we decided to ride to a grocery store in the south part of town to pick up a few things (we both had our backpacks). Then, after a pretty big hill (which I walked up most of), we decided to take a longer route home that would be more level. The round trip was about 11 miles.

So in the last three rides I’ve done about 39 miles–it took me half the month of May to log than many miles, so I’m seeing all of this as progress.

Oh, and a weight update–on my scale at home (the accuracy of which is only slightly better than the guy who guesses your weight at the county fair), I’m now checking in at about 274. That’s down from somewhere north of 300 just a couple of months ago. All of this exercise and healthy eating is actually having the intended results. Who knew?


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