I love this town

My wife and I took a longer (for me) ride this weekend, riding about 16 miles or so along bike paths that have been constructed on the outskirts of our fair city of Lawrence, Kansas.  The church where she works is about four miles from our home, so I rode out to meet her there, first, then we rode about another mile south to the trail head of a bike/walking path that was constructed a few years ago.  The trail runs generally east to west, and we followed it for five miles, to the road that runs across the Clinton reservoir dam.  From there we headed north, still on a concrete bike path, and rode about another five miles on the path, which lies close to the K-10 bypass.  When we reached U.S. 40, we rode along the bike path/sidewalk eastward until we got to the high school, where we detoured along a somewhat flatter route home.

As we were riding along these great bike paths, we were talking about how blessed we are to live in a place where the city is willing to put considerable money into the construction of these nice trails.  At the north end of the trail along the bypass, there is actually a tunnel that goes under U.S. 40, just for the bike path.  That’s not something you will find commonly in a great many cities in this country, let alone elsewhere in Kansas.  My hat is off to the taxpayers and city officials who make Lawrence, Kansas such a great place to ride a bike.


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