I’ve sort of fallen behind in keeping stats on the number of miles I’ve ridden, so until I get a nifty bicycling computer that can track that sort of thing for me, I’m going to let that aspect of the blog go–I’m riding a fair number of miles each week now, and I’m working on building my endurance and tackling uphill grades.

I rode downtown about three weeks ago and had to walk my bike uphill at two points along the return trip (everywhere is downhill from my house, it seems).  I did the same route last week, and rode the whole thing without walking.  That’s a clear improvement in my physical condition.  It could have something to do with the fact that I’m riding a fair bit, but I’ve also been losing weight—I’m down to 270 now, which is a loss of over 30 pounds over the past few months.  I’m noticing several changes, including the fact that I can now wear many 2XL shirts (I have been wearing size 3XL for a lot of years, now).  I can bend over to pick something up off the ground without it being a major strain on my back or legs.  I don’t tire nearly as quickly when walking uphill.  Last summer I had three pairs of shorts that I could wear, and all three of those were so tight in the waist that I was sure I was going to pop a button; now I can wear every pair of shorts in my closet, including some that I haven’t been able to wear for a two or three years.  And they are all loose in the waist now.  I have to wear a belt with all of them, and I’m cinching my belt up to its last notch—a two-notch improvement in the last two months.

My diet (correction: “new lifestyle”) is providing other benefits.  Since I’m not tanking up on sweets late at night, I’m waking up feeling a lot better in the mornings.  I generally feel like I have more energy, as long as I eat enough protein, and I’m more alert during the day.  My cravings for the things I’m not supposed to have (like white bread, rice, potatoes, dairy products) have diminished, and I’m finding myself really looking forward to buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

My track record for keeping weight off and sticking with my diets new lifestyles has not been good in the past, but I’m hopeful this time, and I have a great motivation: I can prevent myself from becoming a diabetic if I work at this, and I intend to do just that.


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