Yesterday morning I weighed myself, and I’m finally convinced that I have broken through the 260-pound wall I seemed to have come up against during the last couple of weeks.  (The margin of error on my cheap scale is pretty wide.)  I now weigh approximately 257 pounds.  If you haven’t been keeping track–and why would you?–this represents a loss of about 46 pounds since I bought my bike this spring.

Granted, I’m not exactly a lean, mean, riding machine just yet, at 6’0″, 257 pounds, but my clothes are all getting pretty loose, and I’ve had to punch another hole in my belt.  At the grocery store the other day I was in the pet products aisle, and saw a bucket of cat litter that weighed 35 pounds.  I hefted the thing just so I could ponder the fact that just a few months ago I was carrying ten pounds more than that on my body all the time.

I’ve read that a pound is roughly equivalent to 3500 calories, that is to say, to lose a pound you must burn 3500 more calories than you consume.  If that’s the case, my weight loss thus far represents about 161,000 calories burned, or roughly the same number of calories as are in a couple of cream cheese donuts from the bakery just down the street from my house.  (At least that’s how I remember them—I haven’t been there in months.)

By the way, we’ve been having 100-degree weather here in Kansas recently, and I succumbed to heat exhaustion again on a ride earlier this week.  We had intended a ride of about an hour, and we headed out at around 11am, when the temperature was still just in the upper 80’s.  But we found a great new route, and ended up being out for nearly three hours.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting that long of a ride.  I hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, and I didn’t have any food with me on the ride.  Although I drank more water than I did the last time I suffered from heat exhaustion, either it still wasn’t enough, or I was low on protein, or it was just too hot for a fat guy to be out on a bike.  We stopped at a church that was on the return route and sat in the shade for a bit, and refilled our water bottles.  The rest helped a lot, but when we got underway again, I ended up having to walk most of a little climb that wasn’t even all that steep.

It seemed as though I just ran out of gas.  The sun was really hot, it was the middle of the day, and I was dehydrated and low on fuel, so I suppose I should have seen this coming.  Hello…

Be careful out there!


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