Another “before & after”

bike-before-after-500My lovely wife and I went on a ride in early October, and before we left, she snapped a photo of me that was similar to a photo she took back in May.  On days when I’m feeling discouraged, these pictures really help.

The shot on the left is from May 19, 2008; the one on the right was on October 10, 2008.


8 thoughts on “Another “before & after”

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  2. wow, I knew you were quite a bit thinner then you used to be, but I had no idea of the difference. I guess seeing you a couple times a week had that boiling frog effect!

  3. Dear Mister:

    I’m starting biking myself next week (and it’s not one of those “next week…” that never arrives, honestly).
    I am admired of your change, and I have to thank you for encouraging me to get started.
    You should add some detail if and how this change affected your everyday life, which I’m sure it did.
    Kind regards, from Argentina.


    P.S.: You do look happier in the picture on the right. Is that a coincidence?

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