lastrunI’ve been out to run maybe five or six times total since my injury a month and a half ago–at first I ran just a mile, and the last few times I’ve run up to a mile and a half. I truly thought that I was seeing some improvement in my ITBS, but after my most recent run earlier this week (I couldn’t even make it to a mile and a half), I was hobbled again, almost as badly as when I originally injured myself. So honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if this condition will ever return to normal.

I miss running, but more than that, I miss thinking of myself as a runner. As the distances of my training runs increased, I felt more and more like I was accomplishing something significant, something that not just anyone could do. It is depressing to think that a 5K is probably more than I can do  for the foreseeable future.  It was enormously discouraging to let the Kansas City half-marathon go by without at least trying to run it, but given that my most recent run hobbled me, even walking the half would probably have been a very bad idea.

I hate just sitting and waiting for my leg to heal–it is difficult to find a physical activity that is NOT on the list of stuff you can’t do with ITBS.


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